Fun with double exposure

One the most popular methods of Image Manipulation, and Digital Imaging today is the Double Exposure effect. This was style in photography that had been around for years. But, thanks for digital media it is much more easy to do this effect now. I have an explain of one in my pages, but here the video I used as a strong reference to learn how to do this effect.

Double Exposure Tutorial

Spoon Graphics is great channel to learn different methods, and effects in Photoshop


Fan Art, and Motion Graphics

I am really looking the use of motion graphics, and since I want to head into the area of advertisement. I found some cool stuff, and even designed a simple motion graphic for some fan art. The first image was something I found online, and is something I really want to get into and make it better.


Marvel Comics is the creator of this I believe, but how the images more and have almost this 3D effect to them as if their popping out of image is amazing.

Then there is something I made with simple methods of Motion Graphics. Which is the fading, and appearing effect used by creating multiple frames. I made three images though doing this effect in a row. These images are property of DC comics, and not being use for selling purposes.


Geek Bar Beta

Geek Bar BetaMy first thought for this concept was so overwhelming when I read it on the browser. It wasn’t till I came to the website, and I was a bit let down. First off, Ill talk about what I feel is a strength to his page. The display in the center of the website has very good animation. The images, and advertisement slide, fade, fall apart, and switch very interestedly. The Logo is good, though maybe take away some spacing in between the words. Maybe try a different font as well, but over all it works with the icon next to it. The menu bar on top is very responsive, yet I fell they were slacking off with the color. What this site could use, I think maybe a different background. I know this is a a geek theme bar, but maybe give some slight indication that is a bar, and very geek themed. I noticed also the have games here, which I think can be a hit or miss. But they should advertise that better with a image, and a summary description of the game it self. The menu for the establishment could use some work.

Brothers Bar & Grill

BroBandGBrother’s Bar and Grill page is a simple, yet responsive site. It looks fairly good, and the list works well with the site. The largest image on the site holds information that sides on its on showing no productive, and advertisement . The Foot has an interesting icon that links to give you opinion on the establishment.

Where it began.

Portrait of Louise Fili

Portrait of Louise Fili

In the 1970s, Louise Fili left Skidmore for New York City and completed her final semester at the School of Visual Arts. She became a freelancer after that. It was during a freelance assignment with Knopf that she first had discovered her love of designing books. At 25, she was hired as a senior designer by the name Herb Lubalin